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Dr. Abdul-Bagi Abdul-Gadir Receives Delegation of Free Butana Platform 

Khartoum, Dec. 6 (SUNA) – Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Dr. Abdul-Bagi Abdul-Gadir Al-Zubair, has pledged to follow up the Butana area’s development issues with the official circles at the center level.

During his meeting Monday at the Republican Palace with a delegation of the Free Butana Platform, Dr. Abdul-Bagi was informed on the demands of Butana in the fields of power and wealth.

In a press statement, the Deputy Chairman of the Free Butana Platform, Siddiq Fadl-Moula Abu-Sabib, said that the delegation has given to the Sovereignty Council’s member the forum’s vision on solution of Butana development issues.

He explained that the Platform is a national, demand and service body that represents all of the Butana area, which extends in five states, including eastern Khartoum State, indicating that the platform aims to address and to solve the issues of Butana within the framework of a unified Sudan

Abu-Sabib pointed out that the Butana area is bestowed with huge resources in the fields of agriculture, livestock and minerals that can greatly contribute to solving Sudan economic problem in the future, if they are properly managed.

He added that the delegation has congratulated Dr. Abdul-Bagi on his delegation as a member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council as the representative of Khartoum State.


Source: SUNA

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