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Dr. Al-Amin: Renaissance Dam is one of most critical issues facing Sudan 

Khartoum, July 13 (SUNA)- Deputy Chairperson of National Ummah Party (NUP) Dr. Ibrahim Al-Amin, who is an expert on the issues of water and the Horn of Africa, has called for giving consideration to water diplomacy and utilization of foreign relations for serving the interests of the country in the context of big projects.

Dr. Al-Amin, speaking at the regular press forum of the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) here today, stressed importance of total separation between the issues of Al-Fashaga and the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, affirming his support to the Armed Forces in restoring every inch of the Sudanese territories, noting that the issue of the Renaissance Dam is one of the most critical issues facing the Sudan, saying that the country stands on a solid ground concerning this file.

He pointed out that talks with Egypt and Ethiopia should be in a manner consistent with the interests of Sudan.

Concerning the UN Security Council’s session, he indicated that the decision became clear through the members’ deliberation to return to the African Union, noting that the AU alone cannot reach a solution and also the Security Council.

Meanwhile, Dr. Al-Amin called for building a unified national opinion on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to change the issue of water from conflict to cooperation.

Dr. Al-Amin reviewed at the forum national security and the need to preserve the environment in a climate of peace and political stability, as well as the uses of water in the various river basins.


Source: SUNA

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