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Dr. Al-Hadi Idris: Peace Agreement is Open to all Sudanese People 

Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and head of the Revolutionary Front, Dr. Al-Hadi Idris, said that The River Nile State is enjoying security and stability and have opportunities for progress and a better future, Affirming his support to the demands of the state and its efforts to combat the challenges that it faces.

At a joint meeting with the security committee and government of Nahral-Neil State on Saturday, Dr. Idris said that there are challenges facing the people of the state, referring to the need to amend the Mining and Investment Acts, especially that the share of the state from the minerals revenues is not clear.

He indicated that the coronavirus problems exist in all parts of Sudan, but the percentage of the pandemic in Nahral-Neil State is high, calling for adherence to the health precautions.

He called for the rejection of regionalism and racism,

Dr. Idris stated that the Juba Peace Agreement is biased to all the Sudanese people, and it is a real addition to the constitutional document, affirming the importance of establishing a federal government that helps managing the diversity in the country, stressing that the peace agreement will remain open.

He also called for support to the police forces in carrying out its duties, stating that that the issue of security arrangements is a national one and it is one of the major challenges facing the country.

On her part, the governor of Nahral-Neil State, Dr. Amina Al-Mekki, asserted her state’s support to the peace process, indicating that Nahral-Neil State is part of the North Track and that it is a state of security and peace.

Source: Suna

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