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Dr. Salma Affirms Importance of Women’s Role in Society 

 Khartoum, 27-3-2022, (SUNA),The Member of Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC), Dr. Salma Abdul-Jabar, has lauded the women’s great leading role played in all political, economic and social aspects.

Dr. Salma stressed last night at the Friendship Hall, the closing session, of the conference “Empowering women for the development of society” under the slogan “Vision and ambition” stressed the necessity of supporting women issues and taking care of the rules which perverse her right in all aspects.

The member of (TSC) addressed the problems and challenges facing Sudanese women, indicatting women ability of dealing with this issues, and  pointed out that the women held leadership positions in the country.

She referred to the importance of women’s role in advancing future generations,  “Will be a major role in the political life and other fields” she said.

Ms. Anne Dorito, President of the Kenya Parties Council, also addressed the women’s role in the political, economic and social life, she stressed the importance of empowering women for the development of society.

Einas Esam, the representative of “Benteen Boro” organization, said that the goals of conference are development of  strategic vision to support and keep up with women’s issues, calling for their support and funding to promote them economically and support the small businesses in which they operate.

She noted the organization’s objectives of training and capacity-building to achieve the slogan “Vision and Ambition.”

A number of representatives participating delegations and members of African parliaments spoke about the importance of the role of women to promote societies, achieve the desired development, and the need to support  them in order to play  pivotal role in political ,economic and development fields.


Source: SUNA

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