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Dr Salma Informed on Message of Sudan Center for Human Rights 

Khartoum, Dec.27(SUNA)-Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council(TSC) Dr Salma Abdel-Gabbar was briefed  on message of  the Sudan Center for Human Rights and Freedom of Information and its role in promotion  of human rights freedom of information as thyey the two pillars of democratic transition in the country.

She  directed during  meting in the Republican Palace Monday with the Center’s delegation which was led by the Center’s Director-General Engineer OmiaYusuf Hassan Abu Fidaya, for enhancement of the performance and development message of the Center so as to promote the human rights and freedom of information.

Engineer Omia said in a press  statement that the delegation presented full information about the Center and the role it plays in field of human rights  and freedom of information  during this important stage  of the  history of the country.  

She pointed to some violations occurred  during the past two years in files of human rights  and freedom of information  in the country , adding that they received directives of the TSC member , Dr Salma in connection of performance of the Center and enhancement of its message.


Source: SUNA

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