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Efforts Made to Solve Youth Issues in Oilfields in W. Kordufan 

Al -Fula, Mar.16 (SUNA)- The Deputy of West Kordofan Wali(Governor) Adam Karshom Nor Al-Eldin has revealed  that efforts have been exreting  by the State with the “Youths Around the Oilfields” , a youth association opposing  the work of oil companies operating  in the West Kordofan  State , to reach satisfactory solutions.

In a statement to (SUNA), Karshom said that the Government adopts the peaceful dialogue with youths acknowledging  their fair issue which is represented in employment and development.

The State Deputy clarified that the visit of the Minister of Oil that took place recently reviewed the matter and affirmed the youths justice issues at oilfields and work to tackle it radically and gradually.

He lauded all development and employment demanders to give the government a room to work within framework of partnership between People’s Movement , Federal Government and Ministry of Oil to revising oil revenues and take the State’s share.

He said that 40% of national resources are enough to resolve all state’s problems particularly oil areas.

Karshom pledged that to accomplish justice for all petroleum companies through general review that will carry out to assess companies’ performance and Ministry of Oil especially social responsibility, the matter that requires more patients and time to resolve.

The opposition of petroleum companies will have negative effects on the State which has long been suffering from poor development services.


Source: SUNA

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