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El Geneina Massacre Investigation Committee arrives in Darfur 

A committee from the Public Prosecution office arrived in El Geneina, capital of West Darfur, yesterday morning to investigate violent recent events in Kerending camps. In Nierteti, Central Darfur, a man was murdered by two gunmen on Sunday evening.

In January, large groups of armed men from Arab herding communities attacked El Geneina and the two Kerending camps near the capital, killing at least 163 people and leaving more than 123,000 people displaced.

The committee decided to issue arrest warrants for everyone who was involved in the events and raise requests related to the juridical immunities of some of the perpetrators to the Public Prosecutor.

So far, the immunities of those accused of participating in the massacre, most of whom are Rapid Support Forces (RSF) personnel, have not been lifted. This sparked protests.

In a press conference held at the Centre of Ideas for Young People in Media Production in Khartoum yesterday, the wali (governor) of West Darfur Mohamed El Doma announced that the committee’s case against the accused in El Geneina will include events of the past year.

He said that this inclusion was behind the delay of the procedure and that some of the accused officials had not had their immunity lifted.

On July 25, for example, armed men attacked Misterei, leaving at least 60 people dead whilst a third of the town was burned to the ground.

El Doma stated that the Public Prosecution will present these cases to the courts as soon as the investigations are completed.

He also announced the formation of a governmental body to patrol eight localities of West Darfur, not including the localities of Kolbus and Sirba. The wali further added that the state has drawn up a plan to disarm its population, especially because it is currently experiencing high levels of drug trafficking and smuggling.

El Doma also said that the state government is seriously considering giving the displaced people residential land.

Central Darfur murder

In Central Darfur, Mohamed Osman Khamis (43) was killed by gunmen at his home in the Marahag neighbourhood in Nierteti on Sunday evening. Hasan Adam told Radio Dabanga that two gunmen had shot him and that the police had opened an investigation on the case.

He said that the body was buried at the cemeteries of the Nierteti northern camp yesterday morning.

Source : Dabanga

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