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Elmohandis Paints Company signs cooperation agreement with SCHDL and UNIDO 

KHARTOUM, March 14 (SUNA) – Elmohandis Paints signed cooperation agreement with Khartoum State Supreme Council for Human Development and Labor (SCHDL) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to support capacity development of trainers from the Paints and Decoration department at Karari Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship Centre (VTEC) and VIPP initiative launched by EU funded UNIDO Employment and Entrepreneurship Development project in Khartoum State.

The signing ceremony was also witnessed by representatives from federal Ministry of Industry and Tarde, Supreme Council for vocational training and apprentices, Khartoum State Ministry of Industry and other stakeholders.

During the signing ceremony Mr. Amer Beliel, General Manager of the Elmohandis Paints thanked Khartoum State SCHDL and UNIDO for identifying Elmohandis Paints as one of their partners under Vocational Industrial Practice Programme (VIPP). He expressed his readiness to closely work with SCHDL and UNIDO to train trainers from paints and decoration department at Karari Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship Centre (VTEC) and keep them updated about latest development in painting technology in future as well.

Ms. Bouthina Eltyp Ahmed, UNIDO National Liaison Programme Officer shared details on UNIDO activities in Sudan and thanked Elmohandis Paints for their partnership with UNIDO and Khartoum State SCHDL for the capacity development of Karati VTEC trainers.

In his remarks Mr. Hassan Adam Hassan, Director of Vocational Training administration at SCHDL Khartoum State thanked the European Union for funding EEDK RDPP Project which aims at supporting around 2,500 migrant youths in Khartoum State with market oriented vocational training as well as enhancing capacity of SCHDL staffs and the four VTECs in Khartoum State to deliver quality vocational training to the target beneficiaries.

Mr. Ram Kishore Singh, the Chief Technical Advisor of the EU funded UNIDO EEDK RDPP Project also thanked Elmohandis Paints company for supporting VIPP initiative launched by the project and also supporting capacity development of trainers from the Karari and other VTECs in Khartoum State. Mr. Singh said that VIPP initiative aims to sustainably enhance vocational training practices by enabling the development of market and demand driven vocational technical training and improving relevant professional skills, as well as contributing to capacity building efforts for sound human resources development of the stakeholders.

The project ‘Employment and Entrepreneurship Development for Migrant Youth, Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Host Communities in Khartoum State’ is funded by the European Union (EU) as part of the EU Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP) in the Horn of Africa, which has been set up to address some of the protection and development challenges related to forced and protracted displacement.

The project objective is to enhance employment opportunities and stimulate entrepreneurship for unemployed youth including migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and host communities in Khartoum State. The project is implemented by UNIDO in collaboration with the Supreme Council for the Human Development Labour, Khartoum State, and other stakeholders.

Source : Suna

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