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Emergency Lawyers picket office of Sudan’s Attorney General and Judiciary 

May 25 – 2022 KHARTOUM, On Tuesday, Sudan’s Emergency Lawyers organised a vigil in front of the offices of the Attorney General and the Presidency of the Judicial Authority in Khartoum, rejecting the arbitrary detentions ordered by the Governor of Khartoum and the poor health and living conditions in prisons.

Lawyer Sameer Sheikheldin, one of the emergency lawyers, said in an interview with Sudan Today on Radio Dabanga, that a delegation of lawyers handed a memorandum to the head of the judiciary on the conditions of detainees and their transfer, on orders from the Governor of Khartoum, to Soba Prison in the city and various prisons in other states. He said that the head of the judiciary replied that the judiciary was not familiar with many of the details contained in the memorandum.

He pointed out that the Chief of the Judiciary confirmed the illegality of the cases mentioned in the memorandum, which necessitates the supervision of the judiciary over law enforcement agencies.

The Emergency Lawyers will contact the Public Prosecutor and the Governor of Khartoum again, and discuss with them the alleged violations. They also submitted a request to the Chief Justice to visit prisons and identify the political detainees.

The lawyers also requested a response from the Office of the Attorney General regarding previous memoranda and, and noted that the planned vigil in front of the offices of the Governor of Khartoum has been postponed.


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