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Eritrean forces kill two refugees near border with Sudan 

Eritrean forces killed two refugees on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border as they were returning to their areas in Tigray from the Hamdayet reception centre on the Sudanese border.

Many Ethiopians who recently fled their areas of origin after the eruption of fighting in the restive Tigray decided to return home due to the lack of services in the crowded reception centres, as the two existing camps are full and a third one has not yet been established.

Eyewitnesses in the border area told the Sudan Tribune, Tuesday that Eritrean forces killed two Ethiopian returnees in the Dima area and wounded two others, while at least 76 escaped the attack.

The refugees were on their way from the Hamdayet centre to Humera town in the northern Tigray Region.

Some of those who survived the attack transported the injured to Sudan for treatment. Also, the dead were buried in Sudan.

On 26 March, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed flowing his return from Asmara said that Eritrea would withdraw troops from the Tigray Region, as he admitted for the first time their involvement in the war against the TPLF.

Thousands of Tigryans are believed to have been killed since November 2020. Fighters from the Amahara region and Eritrean soldiers are accused of committing war crimes including rape against women.

The witnesses said that the dead were shot directly by bullets in the head.

Also, they added that some Oromos were injured alongside the Tigryans.

According to Sudan’s Commission for Refugees (COR) daily report of Tuesday 29 March, there are some 30048 refugees at the border facilities for refugees in Hamdayet and Madina.

The report further said that the Gadaref State proposed a location for the third camp but no decision has been made as it should be first visited by the UNHCR and the COR before making a final decision.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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