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Ethiopian PM: ‘We Don’t Want War’ with Sudan 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Tuesday his country did not want war with Sudan.

.Ahmed said in a statement before parliament “Ethiopia also has many problems, and we are not ready to go to battle. We don’t need war. It is better to settle it in a peaceful manner,” describing Sudan as a “brotherly country” whose people love Ethiopia.

On the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Ahmed said, “we will keep part of the water in the coming summer without harming our brothers, and if we do not do that, we will lose a billion dollars annually.”

He added that “through dialogue and understanding, solutions can be found for all differences between the source country and the downstream countries. It cannot be said that we cannot fill the Renaissance Dam before reaching an agreement and we keep water within the framework of the law. The process of filling the dam depends on rain water and will not affect the water flowing to Egypt and Sudan.”

He stressed that his country does not aim to harm Egypt or Sudan, and that the Renaissance Dam would serve the interests of the three countries.

Source: Suna

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