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Foreign Minister Briefs Diplomatic Corps on Failed Coup Attempt 

Khartoum, Sep. 22 (SUNA) – The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mariam Al-Saddiq Al-Mahdi, pointed out that the Sudanese authorities have aborted the failed coup attempt carried out by a number of medium and junior officers, in addition to some civilians belonging to the ousted regime.

In her briefing to members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Sudan on the failed coup attempt, the minister said that the failed coup attempt the command of the Armed Forces have confronted coup attempt, and that the situation was fully controlled, adding that the military and civilian leaders of that attempt were arrested and they are currently being investigated.

She stated that Sudan government’s announcement of thwarting this failed coup plot has provoked positive regional and international reactions that are worthy of praise and appreciation.

She indicated that the elements of the counter-revolution were disturbed by the growing progress and successive achievements and successes of the glorious December Revolution, at the political and diplomatic levels, in addition to the transitional government success in ending the international isolation that was imposed on Sudan, especially the clear evidence on the improvement in the country’s macro-economic indicators in recent period.

Dr. Mariam said that successes achieved by the transitional government had frustrated the enemies of the revolution and motivated them to stage the desperate coup attempt with the aim to abort the revolution’s gains and to block the way before the transitional government’s determination to achieve the desired democratic transformation.

The minister said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs avails itself this opportunity to express its deep thanks to the countries and the regional and international organizations which condemned the coup attempt.


Source: SUNA

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