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Foreign Minister Meets with Businessmen 

Khartoum, May 23(SUNA)-Foreign Minister, Dr. Mariam Al Sadiq Al Mahdi, met Sunday with  the businessmen in a meeting stemmed its importance  that it came after Paris Conference.

 The  meeting discussed overall  common issues between the Foreign Ministry and the private sector, , importance of  creating attractive environment  for national capitals, businessmen’s contribution to  the national economy and facilitations that could be provided by the Foreign Ministry.    

The Minister outlined  her Ministry’ s policy which , she said, gives concern  the commercial and economic diplomacy , openness towards  the world  and  establishment of  productive relations and partnerships , demanding the private sector to cooperate for making the priorities  of the transitional period a success.

For their part, the businessmen expressed appreciation  to the Foreign Ministry  and stressed importance  of partnership and cooperation  with  the Foreign Ministry.


Source: SUNA

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