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Foreign Minister Receives CISSA Secretary General 

Khartoum, Jan. 24 (SUNA) – The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Al-Saddiq, Monday received in his office the Executive Secretary of the Committee of Intelligence and Security Service of Africa (CISSA), Zainab Ali Kotoko, and the accompanying delegation.

The Minister welcomed the head of the delegation, expressing his sincere thanks to the organization for its appreciated support to Sudan in the field of security services, and for coordinating close cooperation between security and intelligence services in all the countries in Africa to maintain peace and security.

He gave a briefing to the Executive Secretary on the political developments in the country, noting that the task of the new government is to run the state’s business until the elections in July of the year 2023, expressing his hope that the organization, along with the mediation efforts of the African Union, will play a vital role in the stability of the political and security situation in Sudan.

The Executive Secretary stated that the objective of their visit is to affirm solidarity and standing alongside Sudan to overcome the political and security challenges it is facing, expressing her understanding of the current situation in the country.


Source: SUNA

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