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Former Darfur rebel leader returns to Khartoum 

April 3, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – Mustafa Tambour, leader of a Sudan Liberation Movement faction (SLM’s) arrived in the capital, Khartoum, on Saturday, after signing the Juba peace agreement last March.

Tambour was a former military spokesman for the SLM, led by Abdel Wahid al-Nur before his arrest by the former regime on December 11, 2015, near Ed-Daein of East Darfur. However, he did not regain his group after his release in June 2017.

He joined the Juba Peace Agreement on 25 March in a ceremony attended by the head of the government peace delegation Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hemetti).

The former rebel was received at Khartoum airport by the head of the Peace Commission Suleiman al-Dabailo.

In statements to the media after his arrival, Tembour said he had signed the peace agreement to “support the process of construction, development and peaceful coexistence” in the country.

“We joined the peace process at the invitation of the mediation committee, and we are ready to contribute to the democratic transformation and building of Sudan,” he further added.

For his part, Dabailo welcomed the return of the former rebel o the country stressing it represents a contribution to the ongoing efforts to end the war in Sudan.

President Salva Kiir recently sought to convince the SLM leader Nur, but he declined to join the peace agreement of 3 October 2020 or to hold talks with the government.

The holdout group says they plan to hold a comprehensive conference in Khartoum to discuss peace in Sudan.

Source : Sudan Tribune

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