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Government Delegation Responds to Draft Framework Agreement 

Juba, May 31(SUNA)-The  government delegation  to peace talks sled by the member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council(TSC), Gen. Shamas-Eddin Al Kabbashi, handed over the government response   about the Draft Framework Agreement  to the South Sudanese Mediation , which , in turn, handed it it over  to delegation of the Sudan People Liberation Movement –North(SPLM-N) led by  Abdul Aziz Al Hilu.

The   Chairman  of the  South Sudanese Mediation, Tott Gulwak,  announced  in press statements  that negotiations   have been posponed  for 24 hours  and that the two delegations  would return  the negotiating table on Wednesday, pointing out that the SPLM-N  has  demanded  to be given one day  to study  response of the transitional government.

Gulwak said  the negotiations would resumed on Wednesday  to discuss responses  of the government and the SPLM-N  besides issue of peace  and work to realize peace and stability  in Sudan , expressing hope  that this round of talks  be decisive  in  realization of peace

The Head of the South Sudanese Mediation underscored  concern of the President of the Republic of South Sudan, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit , with achievement of peace  in Sudan as soon as possible.

Gulwak  commended the media  for  covering  the peace issue, considering peace  one of the major issue in  political arena in the region.


Source: SUNA

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