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Government to Pay 10 Billion Pounds to State Employees as of next July

Government to Pay 10 Billion Pounds to State Employees as of next July 

Khartoum, June 26 (SUNA) – The Council of Ministers held a closed-door meeting during the past three days in which it reviewed the general situation and the means to overcome the major challenges facing the country.

The Cabinet Affairs Minister, Khalid Omer, announced in a press conference Saturday at the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) that the government will continue to subsidize the medicines, cooking gas, wheat flour and will commence immediately campaigns to monitor the markets, adding that will confiscate and deliver the smuggled gold and currencies to the Central Bank of Sudan.

He said that the government will start immediately to put million families under the umbrella of the health security, through funding from the Ministry of Finance and the Zakat Chamber.

The minister pointed out that the government decided payment of a monthly grant of 10 billion pounds to the state employees as of July 2021, which is not subject to taxation.

He also announced that the meeting also decided expanding the scope of Thamarat program to include three million families (around 15 million citizens) during a period of two months.


Source: SUNA

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