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Gulwak Underestimates Importance of Setting Time Limit for Negotiations 

Juba, June 12 (SUNA) – The Advisor of South Sudan President for Security Affairs and head of South Sudan mediation, Tut Gulwak, stressed that the mediation is seriously working to achieve peace for the Sudanese people, as peace is important for Khartoum, and that the stability of Sudan is also important for the stability in the Republic of South Sudan, therefore, President Salva Kiir has directed the advisory team to exert efforts to realize a comprehensive peace in Sudan.

In a meeting with the Sudanese media covering the negotiations in Juba, Gulwak said that the mediation sat with the Sudanese parties and discussed the controversial issues to reach a unified vision for signing the framework agreement, especially that there is progress in resolving controversial issues between the two parties.

He praised the government negotiating delegation, headed by General Shams-Eddin Kabbashi, and the delegation of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement North, headed by Ammar Amoun, for the seriousness they showed in their pursuit for peace in Sudan.

He said that the southern mediation is adopting the same bases, methods and mechanisms of negotiation adopted during the previous negotiation between Sudan government and the armed struggle movements in the current negotiations between the government and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) -North, led by Abdul-Aziz Al-Hillu., taking into account that the views between the transitional government and the SPLM are close this time”.

 He touched on the relations between Sudan and South Sudan State, stating that “we are one nation in two countries and we linked to each other with extended family bonds”.

Gulwak pointed out that the mediation’s current mission is to pave the way for the signing of a framework agreement, adding that an advance stage was reached by the two parties now reached stage in this regard.

He underestimated the importance of setting a time limit for negotiations as long as the parties are exerting every effort to reach a peace agreement.

Advisor Gulwak has stressed the ability of the southern mediation to resolve the contentious points, pointed out that the negotiations are going well and in tangible progress in which the two parties can reach any agreement, especially that the major points have been resolved, and only small details remained and will be resolved according to the approach that the mediation is adopting.

 The head of the southern mediation team, Tut Gulwak, has pointed to the presence of the leader of Sudan Liberation Movement, Abdul Wahid Mohamed Nur, in Juba, at the invitation of President Salva Kiir, adding that the presence of Abdul-Wahid in Juba and his meetings with President Salva Kiir and the leaders of the transitional government affirm his firm desire to achieve peace.


Source: SUNA

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