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Hamdok: Signing declaration of principles evidence of availability of will “civilian and military” 

Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok has affirmed that the signing of the Declaration of Principles today between the President of the Sovereignty Council and the Chairman of the SPLM-North is a courageous gesture and evidence of the solid will of all Sudanese – civilians and military – to complete the second stage of Sudan’s peace.

He said “we derive our determination to complete the stages of peace from the firm will of the December revolution that smashed the fortresses of dictators,” adding that “this is a moment of optimism about what we have achieved together as it is an anticipation of the importance of fulfilling all peace requirements and eliminating the tragedies of wars.

Hamdok stressed in a tweet on his Twitter account his keenness to ensure that efforts are made to reach a comprehensive, just peace agreement that excludes no one and is a basis for consensus on a Sudanese national project that they present as a present to the Sudanese people, especially those who are in IDPs and refugee camps, mothers and fathers who long for return to their villages, justice, development and safety.


Source : Suna

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