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Hamdouk Affirms his Support to Management of Diversity 

Khartoum, July 10 (SUNA) – The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, has called for dealing with the cultural diversity as a blessing, affirming his support to the management of the diversity as part of the process of complying with the spirit of the glorious December revolution toward achieving national harmony and cohesion and spreading the spirit of tolerance and acceptance of the other.

In his address Saturday at the premises of the Council of Ministers to the First Meeting on the Cultural Policies in Sudan, Dr. Hamdouk stressed that the cultural work is not a routine work, but a work that stems from the spirit of creativity and launched by innovators creators launch its path to create a new reality. indicating that the management of diversity and acceptance of the other is required to be imposed through all state institutions and the issuance of accompanying decisions that consolidate its role.

 Dr. Hamdouk pointed out that the management of diversity and acceptance of the other is required to be imposed at all the state’s institutions and that accompanying decisions to consolidate this role shall be issued.

He emphasized the importance of reactivating the cultural economy as a tributary that supports the state’s economy, citing as an example Nigeria, which he said, had jumped from the second economy in Africa to become the first one in the African continent, surpassing South Africa, thanks to its inclusion of the cultural economy in the structure of its economic dealings.

The Prime Minister called for protection and respect of the collective cultural property.

On his part, the Minister of Culture and Information, Hamza Ball, called for adoption of the political culture project in order to link the management of diversity to overcome the process of discrimination in dealings due to race, gender or color and to complete the process of integration between the groups of society.

He pointing to the need for enabling the creativity elements to find their chance in the state structure to advance the community organizations and to reactivate the cultural development to contribute to the correction and the drawing up of strategies.     

Meanwhile, the lecturer at the African and Asian Studies Center, Dr. Ali Al-Dhaw, said that the culture project is originally a human rights project, demanding that decisions shall be issued by the state in this regard.


Source: SUNA

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