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Hamdouk: By paying Sudan’s arrears, we can get grants and finance for government projects 

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, noted on his account in Twitter: “we have paid the arrears of Sudan to the World Bank, and with which we have begun the removing of the burden of external debt from our country with the obtaining of grants of $ 215 million for the budget and $ 420 million for the (Thamarat) project, and the start of finance for the government development projects with a grant of two billion dollars over two years.

Hamdouk added in his tweet that this is the crowning of a difficult and painful path in which our people have patience, which has led to real victories, including raising our name from the list of the states sponsors of terrorism and the unifying and stabilizing the exchange rate, in order to establish a development economy from which all our citizens benefit, indicating the national project we work for is based on stability and economic prosperity as it is based on political consensus.

He expressed thanks to the Sudanese people, the people and the government of the United States and the international partners for the success of the Sudanese model in the transition towards democracy, peace and development.

Source: Suna

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