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Hamdouk Congratulates Sudanese Christians on Easter 

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, has expressed in his Facebook account his sincere congratulations to the Christian Sudanese women and men who celebrate the glorious Easter Day.

He also congratulated the Sudanese leadership and people of the Church inside and outside the country, wishing happiness, well-being and stability for the Sudanese people.  

He said that one of the goals of the aspired change is that the Sudanese with all their sects, religions and groups to be united, because the destiny is one, and they have participated in facing the most difficult challenges and have contributed to surpassing them by cooperation, peaceful coexistence, tolerance, acceptance of the other and mutual support.

He affirmed the government aspiration to accomplish change and democratic transition after the painful years of tyranny, instigation of sedition and deliberate exclusion of components without others.


Source: SUNA

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