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Hamdouk Gives Directive for Consolidating Relations with France

Hamdouk Gives Directive for Consolidating Relations with France 

Khartoum, June 28 (SUNA) – The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, received in his office Monday noon the new Ambassador of Sudan to France, Omer Bashir Manis, in the presence of the Foreign Minister, Dr. Mariam Al-Saddiq Al-Mahdi, and gave a directive for consolidating relations with France.

In a press statement, he briefed the Prime Minister on the features of the embassy’s work plan in the coming period in Paris and the non-resident representative countries, which include Portugal, the Vatican, and the Principality of Monaco, in support and compliance with the tasks of the transitional period and the priorities of the government.

He indicated that the Prime Minister directed him to focus on the strengthening of relations with the friendly France in the political, diplomatic, economic, investment and culture fields, in addition to other areas related to the priorities of the transitional government, which were reflected in the statement issued by the Council of Ministers after its closed meeting last week.

Manis said that the friendship between the two countries was strengthened by the support of France for the Sudanese revolution, the transitional period and the Sudanese people’s move to the comprehensive peace and sustainable democracy.


Source: SUNA

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