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Hamdouk Lauds France Role in Supporting Democratic Transition in Sudan 

Khartoum, Aug. 2 (SUNA) – The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, has praised the role of the Republic of France and President Macron in removing the name of Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, canceling France debts to Sudan, and enabling the country to reach the decision-making point regarding the issue of debt writing off, which contributes to the country’s transit towards peace, stability and democracy.

This came when he received in his office Monday the Ambassador of France to Sudan, Emmanuelle Blatmann, on the occasion of the expiry of her assignment to Sudan, in the presence of the Prime Minister’s Advisor for International Partners, Omer Gamar-Eddin.

The Prime Minister lauded France’s organization of the Paris Conference, which enabled Sudan to return strongly to the international community, and reflected investment opportunities in the country

He also appreciated the increase in the volume of trade and the cultural exchange between the two countries.

The Ambassador of France has praised the level of cooperation she found during her office term in Sudan, and enumerated some of the successes achieved during her office period, most notably the tenfold of the French aid to Sudan and the success of the Paris Conference.


Source: SUNA

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