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Hamdouk launches initiative titled: National Crisis and Issues of Transition: Way Forward 

Khartoum, June 22 (SUNA) – Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk launched at a press briefing held at the premises of the Council of Ministers here today his initiative which is titled “ The National Crisis and Issues of Transition: The way forward.”

The Prime Minister reviewed in the press conference the elements of the national crisis, calling on all to unite to end its dangers, which target the transition stage itself, explaining that he has presented the initiative to the partners of the government, affirming that he would contact all in a view to reaching consensus on the initiative.

Dr. Hamdouk pointed out that despite what have been achieved such as peace in its first stage, ending isolation, removing Sudan from the list of terrorism, and legal, political and economic reforms, there are still challenges that stand in the way of the transition, the most important of which are the economic situation and the security arrangements that should be  achieved as well as realizing justice, ending security tensions, and the slowness in ending empowerment and elimination of corruption.

He cautioned against the danger of divisions within the transitional bloc, absence of a unified center for decision-making, lack of priorities and common perceptions of the transition.

The Prime Minister stressed that defusing the crisis will only take place through a comprehensive political settlement that includes unifying the civil and military front and finding a common vision between them to move towards the success of the transitional period and building a civil and democratic state that is based on the principle of equal citizenship.

Dr. Hamdouk made specific proposals, which he summarized in the following: establishing a national army through structural reforms, explaining that the Rapid Support Forces are of a special nature and contributed positive role to the change, indicating that the process of integrating them into the Armed Forces requires consensus between the leaders of the Army, the Rapid Support Forces and the government, and that the intelligence service must implement what was stated in the constitutional document by giving the executive body a role in its management.

This is besides addressing the economic activities of the military institution, keeping away the political forces from working in the military institution, development of the formula of the Security and Defense Council, the issue of the future of the armed forces will be among the issues of the constitutional conference,  achieving justice so that no one escapes punishment and realizing justice for the victims and their families.

Dr. Hamdouk pointed out that the internal resources are sufficient to resolve the economic crisis.

He focused on the necessity of dismantling the regime of June 30, 1989, and that the parties dealing with foreign relations should be harmonized.

The Prime Minister expressed the need to expedite the formation of the Legislative Council within a period not exceeding a month, with the participation of all national forces, except for the dissolved National Congress.


Source: SUNA

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