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Hamdouk to Participate in Meeting for Deliberation on Economic Reform Program 

Khartoum, Aug. 25 (SUNA) – The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, will participate in a meeting to deliberate on the “Economic Reform Program … A Critical Vision”, organized by the Partners in Development Service at 09:30 a.m. on Thursday at the Grand Hotel in Khartoum, in the presence of ministers of the economic sector and specialists in the field of economy in the Prime Minister’s office.

Representatives of donors, economic experts, political parties, businessmen and the media will also participate in the meeting.

The opening sitting of the meeting will begin by a speech of the “Partners in Development”, followed by an opening intervention by the Prime Minister, then a first paper will be presented by Dr. Abdul Hamid Elias of the University of Khartoum on the content and objectives of the economic reform program and what has been achieved during the past period.

Dr. Sedqi Kabllo will presents the second paper at the meeting on “A Critical Reading of the Economic Reform Program… Towards an Effective Program for Economic Reform”.

he entire second sitting will be devoted to the attendees to discuss the two papers, in which the Prime Minister and the ministers of the economic sector will participate with several interventions.


Source: SUNA

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