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Hamdouk: We Achieved all Goals at Paris Conference, it is Greatest gift to People 

Khartoum, May 19 (SUNA) – The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, stressed that Sudan has achieved all the goals for which he went to the Paris Conference to support the democratic transition in Sudan, indicating that the conference has marked Sudan’s return to the international development community.

At a press conference he held upon his return at Khartoum Airport on Wednesday evening, Dr. Hamdouk said that the success of the conference would help Sudan to move to a sustainable democracy. He thanked the French President Emanuel Macron and all the friends of Sudan who actively participated in the conference.

He said that Sudan was able to settle its debts amounting to more than 60 billion dollars, a matter which has burdened and restricted it and prevented it from getting aid from the international financial institutions, noting that these debts inherited by the transitional government from the previous regime and should have been addressed.

He indicated that Sudan will, by next June, reach the decision-making stage in the Club Paris to benefit from grants of the Heavily Indebted Countries Grant (HIPC), at which Sudan is hoped to benefit from writing off around 45 billion dollars of its debts.

Hamdouk reviewed the five steps that the transitional government has taken before traveling to the Paris Conference to reach this stage in the Paris Club, which were basic conditions for dealing with Sudan according to this characteristic outlined in a national program for economic reform in agreement with the International Monetary Fund, implementing the program, dealing with debts of the World Bank and the African Development Bank and the strategy to combat poverty and to address Debt of the International Monetary Fund.

He explained that Sudan fulfilled all these conditions before arriving in Paris, and remained the fifth condition that relates to dealing with the debts of the International Monetary Fund, stating that France has helped Sudan in implementing it by providing a 1.5 billion bridge loan to deal with it in advance.

He expressed thanks to President Macron for his support to Sudan.


Source: SUNA

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