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Harvesting operations of rain-fed cotton start in Gedaref 

Gedaref, Nov. 30 (SUNA) – Gedaref State began harvesting rain-fed cotton crop in the past two days, amid great interest from the state’s government over an area of ​​505646 feddans, compared to 180,352 feddans last year.

Director of the General Administration of Agricultural Planning and Statistics at the Ministry of Production and Economic Resources Abdel-Gader Abdel-Moneim  affirmed in a statement to SUNA the formation of a technical committee from the competent authorities to follow up the harvest operations, headed by the Director General of the Ministry of Production and Economic Resources.

He pointed to completion of the sesame harvest operations at 95% of the total area so far, with the availability of agricultural labor in most areas.

Abdel-Moneim expected a high productivity of agricultural crops in the state from the reality of the good establishment of agricultural crops.


Source: SUNA

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