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Herders axe Central Darfur farmer to death 

September 16 – 2021 NIERTETI, A farmer from North Nierteti camp for the displaced has been murdered and her daughter and mother seriously injured in an attack by armed herders on their farm near Nierteti in Central Darfur on Wednesday.

Reporting from the area, Adam Okar told Radio Dabanga that armed herders attacked the farm in the Goz Mata area, 10 kilometres north of Nierteti on Wednesday afternoon. They used sticks and axes to assault Aisha Zakaria (47), her daughter Kawsar Eisa (18), and her mother Fatima Ahmed (65). Aisha Zakaria died instantly from an axe blow to her head. Her mother Fatima Ahmed suffered a serious eye injury.

Okar says that the body of the slain woman, as well as the injured, were transferred to Nierteti, where Aisha Zakaria was buried on Wednesday.

A report was filed with the police, however, the incident caused a large number of people to leave their farms due to insecurity. He said that a force of the army and police along with the executive director went to the scene of the accident to pursue the perpetrators.


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