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Huge marches staged in Khartoum in commemoration of revolution’s martyrs 

Khartoum, June 3 (SUNA) – Hundreds of thousands of revolutionary young men and women participated in huge marches in Khartoum today to commemorate the anniversary of martyrdom of dozens of their comrades who were killed two years ago while guarding the slogans of the revolution in a peaceful way that won the admiration of the world and to call for justice and realization of the mottos of the revolution of peace, freedom and justice.

The huge masses staged their march in a very peaceful way from Al-Ghandoul roundabout in central Khartoum and marched towards the premises of the Council of Ministers, chanting the slogans of the revolution and demanding justice for the martyrs and the wounded and the return of the missing, while they warned that the government should go if it does not fulfill the aspirations of the revolutionaries and the principles for which their colleagues martyred.

 The demonstrators raised banners and chanted slogans demanding retribution from those who assassinated the martyrs of the glorious December revolution.

The demonstrators also called on the investigation committees that were formed by the government to finalize their work and come out with evidences that condemn the killers whoever they are.

The visual media and the national television broadcast the scenes of the revolutionaries commemorating the painful memory in a stable orderly manner; a mature revolutionary act that sends an eloquent message that the revolution is alive in the hearts of young people.

Despite the huge masses and the overcrowding of the area in the center of Khartoum, the movement of traffic and roads remained passable in the rest of Khartoum, and the roads leading to the General Command were not closed except around the headquarters only.


Source: SUNA

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