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Indictment Party in Case of Martyr Al-Taj Mahgoub Demands Protection for Witnesses 

Khartoum, Oct. 11 (SUNA) – The indictment side in the trial of the case of martyr Al-Taj Mahgoub of the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Razi University, has demanded protection of its coming witnesses, and the court asked the indictment party to determine required kind of protection for the witnesses.

The court has adjourned its sittings until next Monday.

In its sitting on Monday, chaired by Judge Zuhair Babiker Abdul-Raziq, the court heard statements of the indictment witness Mohamed Siddiq Abdil-Gayoum, a soldier in the General Intelligence and Security Service, and got informed on the personalities of two of the defendants, Ali Hassan Beraima, and Mahmoud, through video tape which was played before the court, and that they were the same defendants sitting with other defendants in the court’s detention place.

The video tape has shown the two accused persons chasing a group of male and female students of Al-Razi University.

It is to be noted that the case of martyr Al-Taj Mahgoub was referred to trial before the court under articles of 130 (murder) and article 186 (crimes against humanity) read together with article 21 (criminal involvement).


Source: SUNA

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