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Industry Minister renews determination to develop and localize pharmaceutical industry 

Khartoum, June 25 (SUNA) – The  Minister of Industry, Ibrahim Al-Sheikh has renewed his ministry’s determination to overcome all obstacles facing the industrial sector represented in pricing, raw materials, foreign exchange, financing, electricity and fuel.

during his meeting with the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industry and the owners of pharmaceutical factories in the country,  he stressed that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the four livelihood important strategic commodities, which the state has identified in light of its orientation to achieve sustainable economic development.

He indicated his ministry’s responsibility to overcome obstacles, localize the national pharmaceutical industry, provide hard currency and expand for more investments.

On his part, Dr. Ahmed Al-Badawi, the representative of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Division, noted that despite the vast difference in prices between imported and local medicine, pharmaceutical factories In Sudan, it is able to provide large quantities that cover the country’s needs in a large proportion, and achieve sufficiency and orientation towards exports if all the obstacles facing the pharmaceutical industrial sector in the country are removed.


Source: SUNA

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