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Information Minister: Last pockets of failed coup attempt dismantled 

Khartoum, Sept. 21 (SUNA) – Minister of Culture and Information and the official spokesman for the government Hamza  Balloul Al-Amir has affirmed that a failed coup attempt by a group of armed forces officers from the remnants of the former regime was brought under control early today.

 The Minister of Culture and Information and the official spokesman of the governmet affirmed in a statement that the transitional government and the regular agencies are working in full coordination, assuring the Sudanese people that the situation is under full control, as the leaders of the coup attempt- military and civilians- were arrested and are being investigated now, after the last pockets of the coup were dismantled in Shajara camp  and the competent authorities continue to pursue the remnants of the defunct regime involved in the failed attempt.

 “The revolution remains and continues to achieve its goals, and the institutions of civilian governance are guarded, by the will of the forces of the revolution and the masses of the proud Sudanese people,” the minister said.

He added that “we call on all the forces of the revolution, including resistance committees, political and civil forces, peace parties, professional and union bodies, and all sectors of the Sudanese people, to be vigilant and pay attention to the repeated attempts that seek to abort the glorious December revolution.”

The minister stressed that the civilian government institutions affirm that they adhere to the gains of the people and their revolution, and that they will be on the first line of defense to protect the transition from the dark forces lurking around the revolution.


Source: SUNA

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