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Investigation Committee for Incidents and Violations in Processions Carries out Duties 

Khartoum, Jan. 30 (SUNA) – The Committee for Investigation in the events and violations that occurred during the processions since October 25, 2021, which was formed through the decision of the acting Attorney General of the Republic of Sudan No. 69/2021, has started its work and receiving complaints and reports resulting from the said events

The committee asked anyone who have a grievance, statement or evidence to submit it to the committee at its headquarters in the Prosecution of Martyrs and Violations Claims at Al-Gama’a Street, eastern of Al-Mekk Nimir Bridge during the official working hours, indicating that the committee is committed to the circular of the Attorney General regarding the procedures for protecting the witnesses and informers.

The committee called on all blood guardians to carry out the autopsy for the body of the deceased because it is the first step in preserving the rights.

The committee for investigation in the events of January 17th, which was formed by the President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, also issued a statement yesterday (Saturday), in which it revealed that it has assumed its duties, and had taken the testimonies of witnesses from the Police Forces, the families of the victims and others regarding the killings during the events of the current January 17th.


Source: SUNA

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