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Justice Minister affirms state’s commitment to combat crimes of human trafficking 

Khartoum, Aug. 30 (SUNA) The Minister of Justice, Dr. Nasr Eddin Abdul Bari, affirmed the state’s commitment to confront human trafficking crimes and crimes of human exploitation of fellow human beings, especially the emigrants.

During the inauguration ceremony of the tripartite national plan to combat human trafficking for 2021-2023, at Al Salam Hotel Khartoum today, which is organized by the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking in cooperation with the Immigration Management Improvement Project, the Minister of Justice noted to the equality of human beings, pointing to the responsibility of the state

to provide protection for human beings, equality between them, focus on legal measures, and intensify cooperation between the institutions of justice.

Minister Nasr Eddin pointed to the Sudan management during the past years to get out of the list of the second lowest level to the second highest level of human trafficking, asserting:  “We will make more progress because the new Sudan, which is being formed with great difficulty, is satisfied only with the peak of preserving human dignity.”

He called for intensifying efforts and cooperation on the local and international levels, and the work for enhancing the legal frameworks to enable the combating of human trafficking crimes, which came as a result of humans’ problems represented in economic crises, political tyranny, stressing continuation of cooperation with international organizations to preserve human dignity.

The Minister of Justice has extended thanks to the members of the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking for their hard and active work and the international partners from the European Union, German Cooperation, the British Council and the American Embassy for their efforts and cooperation with the National Committee.

Ambassador Robert Van Doon, the European Union Ambassador, on his part pointed to the achievements and efforts made by Sudan in the field of combating human trafficking by investigating and prosecuting human traffickers and protecting victims, congratulating the Sudan’s government on the national action plan, indicating that 40 million people who are victims of human trafficking exposed to the worst treatment and the confiscation of their passports.

the European Union Ambassador pointed to the Sudan’s geographical location which made it  a transit country and that the goal of the program is to empower national institutions by facilitating safe and legal migration, combating illegal migration, focusing on protection and expanding livelihood opportunities, stressing the European Union’s support for Sudan in this regard.


Source: SUNA

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