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Kabbashi meets Red Sea State Security Committee 

Port Sudan, Sept. 26 (SUNA) – Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC) Gen. Shams-Eddin Kabbashi has praised the wise handling of the Red Sea State Security Committee to the popular mobilization adopted by the Higher Council for Beja Chieftains, praising the committee’s success in gaining the confidence of all parties and its ability to coordinate between its units to protect the strategic institutions of the state.

This came when the TSC Member chaired a meeting of the state security committee in Port Sudan today, in the presence of Minister of Interior Gen. (police) Izz-Eddin Al-Shiekh Mansour, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Mariam Al-Sadik Al-Mahdi, Minister of Energy and Petroleum Engineer Jadain Ali Obeid, Transport Minister Engineer Mirghani Musa Hamad and Wali (governor) of Red Sea State Engineer Abdalla Shangarai.

Kabbashi stressed that the situation in eastern Sudan needs to be dealt with wisely, praising the harmony between the institutions of the Red Sea State government and its good management of the current crisis.

The governor of the Red Sea State, on his part, welcomed the visit of the federal delegation, and expressed his optimism that the visit would be a beginning after which peace and accord would prevail.

Members of the State Security Committee presented a thorough briefing to the visiting federal delegation, which covered overall security situation in the state, during which they emphasized the peacefulness of the popular mobilization led by Beja chieftains, as the police have not registered any criminal report so far.

The meeting stressed the need to reach a final solution that addresses the root-causes of the current problem, according to a comprehensive approach that addresses the concerns of all parties.


Source: SUNA

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