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Khartoum State Information Director arrested 

Khartoum, May 26 (SUNA) (SUNA) – The Committee for Dismantling the System of 30 June 1989 and Restoration of Public Funds in Khartoum State arrested, Yesterday, the Director of Information in Khartoum State, Al-Tayeb Saad Eddin, for involvement in leaking state information to active group affiliated to the ousted president’s regime

The afore mentioned continued to hold the position of Director of Information in Khartoum State during the old era and until the date of his arrest, and he also continued to communicate actively with elements in the dissolved National Congress Party

 Al-Tayyeb Saad was arrested, and he is being investigated into the charges against under the Dismantling Law and the Public Service Law.


Source: SUNA

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