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Livestock deaths prompt fear of Rift Valley fever and chikungunya outbreak in northern Sudan 

September 7 – 2021 MEROWE, Doctors in Sudan’s Northern State have reported 27 deaths and 68 miscarriages among livestock in the area of El Nafaab in Merowe locality, and warn of the emergence of cases of Rift Valley fever* and chikungunya**, similar to last year. They have appealed to the Ministry of Health and the state government to deal with the potential epidemic in a safe manner.

In a press statement on Sunday, the Socialist Doctors Association reported that a resident of the state arrived at Meroe General Hospital suffering from fever and low blood platelets. The Association noted that in October last year, Merowe locality recorded 4,578 miscarriages and an unspecified number of deaths among livestock.

The Ministry of Health collected 40 samples last month, but the results have not been announced yet. According to the report of the Ministry of Health, the number of deaths last year reached 45 cases, however other reports say that the number of deaths exceeded 189 cases, in addition to complications from the nervous system and blindness.

The Association called on the resistance committees and professional bodies “to put pressure on the state government and the transitional authority so that samples are taken and the results announced in all transparency and that all preventive and curative interventions are taken”.

In the past, ‘fevers accompanied by bleeding’ turned out to be chikungunya. In 2018, dozens of people died in Kassala as a result of chikungunya infections. Last year, 41 cases of chikungunya were also reported in West Darfur.


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