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Mennawi Calls for Platform for Reconciliation between Center and Marginal Areas 

The leader of Sudan Liberation Movement’s Army, Menni Arko Mennawi, has called creating a platform for reconciliation between the center and the marginal areas and to make them recognize each other for a true reconciliation.

At the symposium on the control of the political speech and rejecting the language of hate, organized by Tayeba Press Center for Information Tuesday, Mennawi stressed the importance of reconciliation and refrain from racism.

The leading figure, Prof. Gumaa Kinda, said that the ssocial coexistence is threatened by racist practices existing in the country, indicating that the importance of the control of speech emanates from the reality of the Sudanese.

He called for commitment and control of the used language, stressing that the past regime has played a major role in instigating hate and absence of the control on political speech.

The leading figure, Abdul-Aziz Ushar, has called for presenting national strategies that contribute to combating the hate speech for the sake of achieving a nation that accommodates everyone, drawing up a national plan to be implemented by the government of the transitional period, in addition to implementing the peace agreement, enhancing the national education program and establishing effective partnerships with the media to contribute to stimulating tolerance.

The leading politician Yasser Arman, said that the December revolution came with a new method for uniting the Sudanese people, calling for refrain from the style of the previous regime and the methodology of divide to rule.

He expressed his rejection to the speech of the ousted Salvation regime for stirring hatred among the people, calling for establishment of an inclusive national project to address the issue of citizenship and unification of the Sudanese.

Source: Suna

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