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Millions take to Sudanese streets in support of civilian rule 

Khartoum, Oct 21 (SUNA) – Millions o Sudanese in the National capital, Omdurman, Khartoum North and all the states rushed to the streets, today in support of the civilian chanting slogans demanding the implementation of the articles of the Constitutional Document on the ground.

The crowds chanting, one people-one army, called for the formation of the Legislative Council and the Commissions stipulated in Juba Peace Agreement.

The demonstrators greeted the Martyrs of Glorious December Revolution, calling for retribution, caring for the injured, finding the missing and handing over the Transitional Sovereignty Council to the civilians and the accused to the International Criminal Court.

Khartoum Bahri processions led by the Minister of Industry and Member of the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC), Ibrahim Al-Sheikh and the Revolutionary Committees gathered in the center of the town amid slogans supporting the political transition and demanding the civilian rule.

In Omdurman, the unprecedented processions which includes the three localities, Kararri, Ombada and Omdurman gathered from all parts of the town heading to the gathering point before the Parliament.

As for the revolutionaries of the city of Khartoum from the cities of Al-Sahafa, Jabra and Khartoum in the south, the demonstrators moved towards the Green Square, carrying flags and banners, chanting peaceful peaceful.


Source: SUNA

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