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Minister of Culture and Information Holds Meeting with Heads of Corporations and Departments 

Khartoum, Jan.24(SUNA)-Acting Minister of Culture and Information Dr Garaham Abdel Gadir on Monday held meeting which brought together  Undersecretary of the Ministry  and heads of  corporations  and councils of secretaries –general of the corporations  and councils of culture and information and tourism in addition to directors of departments  at the Ministry Headquarters.

 The  meeting the discussed the year 2022  budget and requirements of the fisrt quarter of the budget, stressing budget should focus  on the  people’s livelihood, peace and democratic transition along with programs,  activities  and projects that achieve the cultural content and  the social peace   

The  meeting also discussed issues of environment at workplaces , promotion, training , job structure and achievement of job content for workers.

The meeting also referred  to  the internal cultural and media message that should omen for  social security, peace and unity, and  rejection of hate speech and regionalism.

It  also stressed the unification of the state’s general external message  on the central issues  for the spokespersons in the various ministries.

.Dr Graham stressed the need for regular  meetings to follow up implementation of programs and projects that have been scheduled according to specific periods

 .Undersecretary of Ministry of  Culture and Information Dr Nasr-Eddin Ahmed Mohmed  reiterated  the need to follow up  implementation of plans and projects and to remove obstacles  obstructing work of corporations  and departments of  the ministry.

He affirmed that the  tourism and cultural resources would be  developed  to contribute to the national  economy.


Source: SUNA

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