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Minister of Irrigation: Sudan is not Ready for Negations with same Former Methodology 

Khartoum, July 28 (SUNA) – Sudan has reiterated its position calling for the three parties in the Renaissance Dam case to reach a legal and binding agreement on filling and operation.

At a press conference he held Wednesday on the Ethiopian unilateral trend for the second filling of Renaissance Dam, the Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Prof. Yasser Abbas, pointed to the contradiction that emerged between the information that Sudan received in an official letter from the Ethiopian Minister of Irrigation regarding water storage operations and what was revealed on the ground when the public events began, which confirms the importance of a legal and binding agreement so as avoid harm to any of the other partner countries in the Blue Nile. Sudan and Egypt.

The minister stressed that Sudan still maintains its position on the benefits of the Renaissance Dam, a position that has not changed, but he warned that this dam, in the absence of specific and documented information about filling and operation, will threaten the lives of half the population of Sudan.

He stressed that Sudan is not ready to enter into negotiations with the same methodology as before, because it means buying time, and Sudan fully believes that the only solution in the file of the Renaissance Dam is through serious negotiation that preserves the interests of the three countries.


Source: SUNA

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