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Ministry of Justice Affirms its Commitment to Review Laws Related to Human Rights 

Khartoum, July 7 (SUNA) – The National Human Rights Mechanism at the Ministry of Justice, Wednesday held, in cooperation with the United Nations Organization for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women, a consultative workshop to discuss the analytical study of gender-discriminatory legal texts under, the auspices of the Minister of Justice, Dr. Nasr-Eddin Abdul-Bari.

The General Lawyer of the Republic of Sudan, Iman Mufareh, has addressed the workshop on behalf of the Minister of Justice appreciating the cooperation between the organization and the Ministry of Justice, indicating that the Constitutional Document has set the tasks of the transitional period, as one of the most important means that must be considered, top of which is cancellation of the laws and texts restricting freedoms on the basis of gender

She affirmed Sudan commitment to all its international obligations and its integration into the international and regional environments, noting that the Constitutional Document stipulated guaranteeing and strengthening the women rights, combating all forms of discrimination against women and taking into account detailed measures in cases of war and peace, as well as the rights of persons with disabilities and the elderly and respect for their rights

She indicated that the Ministry of Justice has engaged in partnership with international and regional bodies specialized in conducting studies and making recommendations to eliminate discrimination based on gender, adding that the Ministry has reviewed the legislation related to human rights.

The representative of the United Nations, Fatima Abdul-Karim, expressed her hop that the workshop will mark the start for institutional and legal reform.

She affirmed the UN commitment of the United Nations Organization for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women to support the transitional government and the Ministry of Justice to shoulder up their leading role and to strengthen its relations with the civil society, especially women groups.


Source: SUNA

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