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N. Darfur Observes International Peace Day 

El-Fasher, Sep.28(SUNA)-The Wali of the North Darfur State, Nimir Abdul-Rahman has underscored  Sudan’s commitment  to pressing ahead with promotion balues of peace, democracy, human rights  and respect of sovereignty of people.

Nimr said at the celebration, which was  organized by the Nations Organization for Building and Rehabilitation in collaboration  with the Practical Action Organization at the Asmarat Hotel in El Fasher on the occasion of the International Peace  Day , which coincides  on  September 21 each year, that the Sudanese political forces are working hard to move forward in their revolutionary path to sustain peace as a social value and highlighting its various advantages to be a basis for construction and development, stressing the importance of focusing on managing cultural diversity among the people of the one  country to be based on mutual respect.

He  acknowledged that Sudan is currently going through a critical stage in which it needs international support , noting that this represents an important matter at the present time, but the Wali of North Darfur stressed that there is no return to war or any military coup or the singling  political party to rule the country.

Nimir asserted  that the people have made up their minds and made their way towards  democracy and the peaceful transfer of power in a state of citizenship, peace and freedom.

The UNHCR-Country Director and the representative of the UNITAMS  in North Darfur stressed the importance of building societal peace and peaceful coexistence for all societal components.

It is  to be noted  that the celebration of the International Peace Day, which was attended  by representatives of the local communities of the Wadi El-Ku project, including shepherds and farmers, representatives of the UN agencies operating  in the state, the UN  High Commissioner for Refugees and UNITAMS, was addressed  by  the Director of the Nations Organization for Construction and Development and the Director of the Wadi El-Ku project who reviewed activities and programs implemented by the project which aims to build peace in the targeted communities


Source: SUNA

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