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New protest marches called across Sudan today

New protest marches called across Sudan today 

January 24 – 2022 KHARTOUM, The resistance committees in Khartoum and the other states of Sudan have called on people across the country to take to the streets in a maintained campaign of protests and renewed Marches of the Millions across Sudan today in rejection of the military coup d’état of October 25 last year, and demanding full civilian rule and the return of the army to its barracks.

The authorities in Khartoum and cities in other states of Sudan closed main streets with barricades to prevent the protest marches. the resistance committees in Khartoum organised processions on Sunday evening to announce the January 24 March of Millions.

They published a schedule for the revolutionary escalation for one week, which includes roadblocks and vigils, to be concluded with the Marches of Millions on January 30.

The Civil Resistance Committees of Wad Madani, capital of El Gezira, announced the March of Millions on January 24 in honour of the martyr Mohamed Feisal, who died on Friday evening from injuries sustained during the January 17 demonstrations.

The Resistance Committees in Northern State continued to close the Sheryan El Shimal (Artery of the North) Road, which links Sudan and Egypt at several points in Northern State, in refusal to the coup and to demand full civilian rule and the return of the army to the barracks.

On Sunday morning, protesters closed the Sheryan El Shimal road in Delgo, which connects Wadi Halfa-Selim-Khartoum. About 200 lorries on their way to Egypt have been halted.

In Khartoum, advisers at the Ministry of Justice organised a protest sit-in in front of the ministry’s buildings on Sunday, denouncing the killing of peaceful demonstrators. In a memorandum, the participants in the sit-in condemned the grave violations and the deliberate killing of demonstrators with live ammunition and the injury of demonstrators to vital organs, which is a crime against humanity. Ghanim El Tayeb, acting Undersecretary of the Ministry, who joined the vigil, was dismissed by El Burhan.

The memorandum demanded the immediate lifting of the State of Emergency and the reversal of the measures under which it was issued. It also stressed the cessation of extrajudicial killings and other violations, and demanded investigation and detection of perpetrators of crimes and bring them to justice, and guarantee the right to peaceful demonstration. It also demanded a return to the constitutional path and the start of transferring power to a civilian government agreed upon by the Sudanese people. The memorandum emphasised that immunity is not imposed or granted by orders without a law regulating it, and that it does not constitute an outlet for evading the law. And there is no validity to any orders that justify the killing.


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