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Nimir Reviews with USAID Executive Director Ways to Overcome Impacts of War 

Al-Fasher, July 31 (SUNA) – The Wali (governor) of North Darfur State, Nimir Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, has called on the international community to stand alongside the Sudanese people in general and the people of Darfur region especially to help them overcome the impacts of war and disputes and to move to the phase of construction and development.

This came when he received in his office Saturday in Al-Fasher the visiting USAID Executive Director, Samantha Power, who was accompanied by the Charge d’Affaires at the US Embassy in Khartoum, the USAID Director in Khartoum and heads of the USAID sections.

The Wali (governor) has reviewed the challenges facing his government currently, especially the issues of the displaced persons and refugees and the state’s needs in the health, education, water and electricity services.

 Nimir described the challenges facing North Darfur State’s government as great and necessitates contribution of the international community to as to be overcome, stressing especially the need to provide the requirements for the voluntary return for the displaced persons and refugees and providing security and protection for the civilians, in addition to the contribution of the international community to raising capabilities of the Sudanese police forces.

On her part, the Executive Director of the USAID announced that her country’s government will do its utmost to provide assistance to the Sudanese people, expressing its special concern with the issues of the Darfur region and the suffering of its people as a result of the war conditions that it witnessed in the past years.

She said that the glorious December revolution has inspired all the peoples in the world with the meanings of revolutions, stating that the world had to provide support and assistance to the Sudanese people.


Source: SUNA

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