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NMHR Holds Meeting to Follow –Up Staging of Demonstrations 

Khartoum, Jan.17(SUNA), Acting Understory of Justice Ministry  and  Chairman of the National Mechanism  for Human Rights (NMHR) Ghanem Al Tayeb Ahmed said that the Mechanism  held a series of meeting  to follow up  incidents  and demonstrations  which have  been  staged recently  in the capital and a number of other cities

He told SUNA that the serioes of meetings were held within framework of the NMHR’s endeavor  to protect and  promote the human rights  and a fulfillment   to Sudan’s obligations towards the international conventions on human rights  that Sudan has ratified as well as its commitment  to respect and promote  the rights  and the fundamental freedoms stipulated in the Constitutional Document  for Transitional Period for the year 2019 amended 2020.

Ghanem added that the Mechanism has formed a committee to probe  violations of human rights  and gather information from the concerned authorities  in addition to formation of an other committee to coordinate  and follow up visit of the  Independent Expert on  the  Situations of Human Rights in Sudan.


Source: SUNA

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