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One Person Killed and Five others Wounded in Shooting in Forbaranga 

Genaina, May 29 (SUNA) – A person was killed and five others were wounded in Forbaranga town, West Darfur State, due to gunfire opened by armed men on Saturday morning.

An eyewitness who is a leading figure in the area told SUNA that an armed group fired live bullets at the citizen Ammar Abdul-Majid, 25 years, while he was in front of his shop in Forbaranga market, resulting in his death on the spot and the seriously wounding of five others.

He indicated that the injured persons were transferred to Forbaranga Hospital to receive treatment, while the Executive Director of Forbaranga Locality, Siddiq Mohamed Ibrahim, was informed on the accident as soon as it occurred to contain the situation and to arrest the perpetrators on his capacity as the head of the locality’s security committee.

Hundreds of citizens of Forbaranga gathered in protest of the incident and closed the main roads in the town, burned a number of shops in the market, completely burned the locality’s offices of Forbaranga, the collection office of the Zakat Office and the Tax Office, and damaged some of the citizens’ properties.

The information received from Forbaranga indicates that the local security committee has deployed security forces at the area of the market and the main streets to provide security and to contain the situation.

The security committee also made contacts with representatives of the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change and the notables in the area toward containing the situation and searching for solutions and to expand the prestige of the state and the rule of rule Law.


Source: SUNA

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