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Our Services



Khartoum Gateway offers its clients a range of services both free and paid. Below you can find a list of our current services.




Although Khartoum Gateway is a new project, our sister company, Gateway Center and the first instance of this web site has been in Sudan for nearly 10 years and has built a name for itself in providing language, exam preparation, and professional development training which has resulted in the creation of a large network. It is this community that we tap into when we advertise and it is this same community that we continue to grow every day by providing them with resources that they can use to continue to develop their language and professional skills.


KG has many ways to help established and new businesses alike to promote themselves.


Some of these advertising methods include:


Banner Ads  

Get your business or message across to thousands of daily visitors by strategically advertising where it will be seen on various parts of our site.


Viral Contests  

Let KG host and advertise your contests bringing attention to your business and its social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Content Development  

We can write an article or review about your business or service in English and promote it to the KG community… but only if we like it!


Adopt a Page  

If you are a niche business, you have the opportunity to sponsor a page, or a series of content, or the content category itself.


Polls and Surveys  

Need data? We can help. Our subscribers represent the young, educated professional, technology savvy Sudanese both in and out of Sudan as well as the foreign guests of Sudan … You will be able to reach a good segment of the population through KG.


Tailored Advertisement Campaigns  

Do you need something specifically designed to suit your business needs? Let us know. We understand the individual needs and flexible requirements of our clients.

Webinar Platform  

For all of those who have something to share, Khartoum Gateway would love to host your online event for absolutely no cost as long as you are giving away your event for free for all to benefit as long as it fits our criteria of sharing beneficial knowledge.


Training Courses

KG is a platform with a core aim of promoting the spread of beneficial knowledge. If you have a beneficial course that you would like to sell or share but you lack the venue and advertising capacity, we are only happy to look for ways to collaborate.

Courses offered free to the public that fall in line with our conditions and policies may be decided to be hosted and advertised free of charge.


HR Consultancy and Services

We are able to assist companies and organizations in their recruitment process, especially with the shortlisting of candidates by knowledge of the English Language (our specialty).

Our consultants are experts in the English language and we are able to design and offer a range of targeted Technical Language Assessments (TLA) to help you make sure that you get the candidate with the right language foundation for the position being offered.



Get in touch with us…

Let us know if you are interested in working with us and we will get back to you within 24-48 Hours.