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Police Forces Issue Statement on January 30 Processions 

Khartoum, Jan.31(SUNA)-The Police Forces Headquarters at Ministry of Interior issued statement on the January 30 processions.

The statement said within framework of the scheduled  processions for the Jnauray some states of the country witnessed a limited peaceful processions and dispersed without  intervention of the police forces

It  said Khartoum State also witnessed marches and processions in a number of localities of the state, and the police forces continued to carry out their duties in securing processions and public and private properties where a number of demonstrators gathered and stormed the central  station  of Omdurman and damaged windows and smashed  glass, furniture and drinking water coolers in the station and that the  police forces used tear gas and were able to control the situation

. The statement disclosed that  the police also dealt with the processions of the Khartoum locality, especially the Sharoni parking area, until the processions ended.

It added that one of the demonstrators died and a police officer at the rank of captain’s hand  was amputated from the knuckle,  62 police personnel  and 7 protesters were injured, and 56 inciters  of riot were arrested.


Source: SUNA

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